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Other services

We offer seasoned production expertise in all the aspects required to cover the full spectrum of the widely diverse media production elements that have evolved in the 21st century, from Television to broadcast radio, Internet vision and audio to corporate video and our special  "Life Lines" legacy productions.

Commentary and Voice Overs

We regularly provide live and recorded commentary for major events such as the BT Global Challenge, past Whitbread Races and the Volvo Ocean Race - for live radio as well as for ITV, Eurosport and other broadcasters. For the finish of the BT Global Challenge we provided eight hours of non-stop commentary, broadcast to the thousands of spectators at Southampton's Ocean Village as well as live to the world over the Internet. Airwaves provided live, on-water commentary for the amazing America's Cup Jubilee regatta at Cowes, the highlight being the Round the Island Race, re-creating the race for the Hundred Guineas Trophy - which became the America's Cup. This commentary was also streamed live over the Internet.

We provide Powerboat P1 with radio stations and commentary for the Europe-wide P1 series and the new Superstock UK series and have broadcast every round since 2005. We also commentate and provide the official radio station for the Sail for Gold regatta at the Olympic venue and some of the Extreme 40 series catamaran regattas around Europe.

We voiced the international television series for the BT Global Challenge, the America's Cup Jubilee regatta International television programmes, the Sailing World series on Eurosport.

And provide the radio station for the CLA Game Fair.

Oh yes, for the last 30 plus years we've also produced the award winning Cowes Radio for Cowes Week. . .

Special Event radio stations


Airwaves provide special, award winning, radio stations at Cowes Week, Sail for Gold Olympic regatta, The CLA Game Fair, P1 Radio and other operations around the country.

Operating on an Ofcom government granted vhf FM frequency, these stations provide a 'wireless PA system' and provide a central heart to any event. Also streamed live online, they generate a loyal following around the world.

Airwaves employs professionals of many years standing to provide insight, depth and informed comment on the events activities, allowing the spectator and participant to be fully immersed in the event. And informed and entertained too.

With sponsorship and advertising, music and all the pertinent information that entirely relate to just the event and its followers, let Airwaves provide you with an award winning broadcast station at your event.

Media Training

Airwaves have provided media training courses, camera and microphone technique training, as well as editing skills for both vision and radio, to individuals and entire teams in global events.

For the Volvo Ocean Race, BT Global Challenge and many other events, Airwaves have run courses to give essential skills to whole crews and have also trained many individuals, including Ellen MacArthur, Emma Richards, Sam Brewster, Ian Walker, Ben Ainslie and many other household names in the sport of sailing.

"Life Lines"

Your loved ones very own historical story-telling personal interview, recorded and sympathetically produced by Airwaves' highly experienced, wildly diverse television specialists.


Airwaves create a permanent record of your special person’s life through the ages as told by themselves for future generations to watch and wonder, be guided and comforted in knowing their family’s past history, generations and life line stories. This ensures the eliciting of the best material and portraying those special moments in documentary style.


It involves a thorough prior research plan delving into the family archives to source key media illustrating the highlights of the interviewee’s life, which will be the basis of the interview’s progress and direction storyboard.  Then a suitable location is selected where the interviewee is comfortable and a suitable background established to ensure confidence is generated and maintained.  A relaxing, empathetic scenario and location ensures the best material is recorded from the interview.



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